Mrs C and Me
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About Mrs C and Me

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My favourite things

Family, friends, tea & cakes, chips, picnics, Christmas, glitter, baby goats, sunshine, craft beer and bubbles

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My Story

I was always interested in art & design and when I left high school I went on to study textile design for four years.

After that I just wanted to have fun and not worry about a career so I ended up working in retail.

I always kept creating things, making things for people and occasionally I had a stall at a local craft market.

I LOVE Christmas

I LOVE Christmas

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How I got here

Whilst I was growing bored of my corporate role, I did a refresher screen print course and that just reignited my love of printing. Fast forward a few years and here I am!

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What inspires me

I take inspiration from colours and patterns in nature, geometric and organic shapes and everything patterned.

I'm also inspired by the people around me (Mr C) and the things I love

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